Survival Chinese for International Interns
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  • Practical vocabulary for common situations you will face in China
  • Learn and practise at your own pace
  • 20 HD/SD video lessons, 40 slides to download
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Course Overview


  • Learn the basics of pinyin
  • Practice pronunciation and tones
  • Pick up vocabulary for key situations

Are you planning an internship in China and need to learn some basic survival Mandarin? This series of videos was conceived for you in partnership with Heavenly Mandarin, a Shanghai-based language teaching center. It will help you hit the ground running with basic vocabulary and pronunciation which you are likely to hear and use every day in China. Practice by listening and repeating after the intructors and move at your own pace. 

Heavenly Mandarin's corporate clients include Siemens, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Wipro and Fuji Film. This course captures learning which they typically teach in class and brings it to you online so you can watch from anywhere, anytime. 

Prodygia Co-Founder Alessandro Duina also accompanies you through the videos to offer tips from a Westerner who was a beginner more than 11 years ago and, like you, had to learn from scratch.  


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 The Very Basics of Chinese
Video course icon How is Chinese Different from Western Languages?
Video course icon Introduction to Pronunciation (Pīnyīn): 'Initials' and 'Finals'
Video course icon Introduction to Pronunciation (Pīnyīn): Tones
2 Key Vocabulary: The Building Blocks
Video course icon Useful Words and Pronouns
Video course icon Useful Words and Verbs
Video course icon Basic Numbers
Video course icon Popular Sites in Shanghai
3 Managing Common Situations
Video course icon Why Developing Your Vocabulary by Situation Is Important
Video course icon Getting Around by Taxi
Video course icon Using Money
Video course icon First Day at Work
Video course icon Making Chinese Friends
Video course icon Ordering in a Restaurant
Video course icon Shopping in a Supermarket
Video course icon Talking to the Landlord
Video course icon Fixing Something in Your Apartment
Video course icon Asking for Directions
Video course icon At the Airport
4 Final Tips from a Western Learner's Perspective
Video course icon Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Characters
Video course icon Six Strategies to Make You Focus on The Right Things and Keep Going

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